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ديل dell

Dell Computer and Accessories Company

Dell Corporation is a multinational corporation founded in 1984 in the United States that specializes in the production, manufacture and sale of personal and desktop computers and their accessories. Dell Company developed during the eighties of the twentieth century to become the largest seller of computers, as it was later ranked second in computer sales […]

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Call center

Call Center Management System

Call center Management system or Call Contact System is the link between the institution and its customers or clients and employees, used to send and receive requests and inquiries and communicate through many channels such as phone, text messages and e-mail, interaction between all parties is done using software and equipment dedicated to communication. Thanks […]

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كاميرات المراقبة مسقط

Surveillance Cameras in Muscat

All surveillance cameras have a specific function or purpose, which is continuous capturing. This capturing may be pictures, video, or specific measurements, and it is usually stored to be viewed when needed or when something happens and we need to take a look at the recordings. In addition to seeing the cameras capture history directly, […]

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شركة مايكروسوفت

Microsoft for information technology

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational corporation founded in 1876 in the United States by its founder, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft is a company specialized in the field of software and information technologies and is the largest software producer in the world in terms of revenue as of 2016. About Microsoft At Microsoft, we […]

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شركة سيسكو

Cisco Networks Company

Cisco is a multinational company founded in 1984 in the United States by its founder, Sandra Lerner, Leonard Bosack. Cisco, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of networking hardware, equipment, telecommunications, software, and other information technology products and services. Cisco company overview Cisco helps seize tomorrow’s opportunities by proving that amazing things can happen when […]

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Sophos Protection Company

Sophos is a global company based in Britain, the company is specialized in electronic security products, producing and developing programs and devices to protect networks, servers, computers, and others. Sophos develops products for endpoint connectivity, encryption, network security, email, mobile devices, and Unified Threat Management. About Sophos Sophos is a global leader in next-generation cybersecurity, […]

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هيك فيجن

Hikvision Surveillance Systems Company

Hikvision Technology Co., Ltd. is a partially state-owned Chinese company founded in 2001 by HAK IT. Hikvision is a company specialized in the production and development of digital video, imaging and surveillance systems such as surveillance cameras, security systems and others. Hikvision vision Enable the vision for the security and sustainable growth of the world. […]

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منتجات مايكروسوفت

Microsoft Products | Systems

  Microsoft products or Microsoft systems are many, the most famous of which are the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Bing search engine, LinkedIn, GitHub, and ERP others. Microsoft is a prolific developer of personal computer products and software, best known for the Windows operating system, the Microsoft Office family of productivity programs and […]

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Hikvision Products and CCTV in Oman

Hikvision products are specialized in networking, CCTV, surveillance cameras,, recording and storage devices, home security systems, alarms, displays and access control in doors. Hikvision products cover many areas such as banking sector, safe city, buildings, homes, industrial areas, traffic, retail centers, educational facilities and more. Hikvision Network Products Hikvision has many products that work on […]

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منتجات اتش بي

HP Products and Computers

HP products are numerous, including computers, laptops, desktop computers, printers, displays, and accessories. HP products are global, sold and used all over the world. HP Products serve many companies, large, small and medium companies, offices, malls, as well as individuals. HP products laptops Desktop computers printers screens accessories HP laptops HP offers many personal computer […]

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