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Ehtfal is an application for booking halls for celebrations and events. It is an application and a website that supports all screens and contains a comprehensive guide about halls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it enables you to books the halls. It is also possible to access many related services and take advantage of the various discounts

Ehtfal app

Ehtfal application is a unique and wonderful application that provides an digital service to several beneficiaries: celebrants, hall owners, celebration partners, and more.

Ehtfal application and website:


If any person or entity who has a private or public social occasion such as a wedding or a party, events or corporate meetings and needs the right place in terms of absorptive capacity (number of seats) and the number of sections for both men and women as well as the geographical area, especially the appropriate price and quality of the place and additional features.

Therefore, what the Ehtfal application does is to save time and effort for the celebrants by providing a comprehensive directory of event and celebration hall data, which gives you easy access to the halls and enables you to filter the data on demand, including by day or date of the celebration, which represents a great challenge for the celebrant, in addition to searching through the map to facilitate access to the nearest place and with the possibility of making a direct reservation for the hall.

In addition to the service of accessing and booking the appropriate halls, you can also access other services such as companies and shops selling flowers, roses, gifts, perfumes, sweets and other services that you may need for your celebration, and these companies and stores offer the celebrant discounts of up to more than 20% on the services and products they provide.

Ehtfal web site

Hall owners:

They are the owners of celebration halls, events, hotels that provide the right place for celebrants at the right time and who need to expand the service circle and reach a larger audience and give them a quick look at the services and features they provide, and this in turn provides more opportunities in addition to automating, organizing and scheduling celebration data in the celebration application and website.

ehtfal Halls

Ehtfal partners:

They are the owners of companies and stores of perfumes, sweets, flowers, dates, furniture, dates … etc., who in turn cooperate with the Ehtfal application to provide services to the celebrants.

Do not hesitate to send notes and ideas that contribute to the improvement and development of the Ehtfal application, and also do not forget to support us by sharing the application to continue to provide more services.

We hope your days are full of joys and delights.

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