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Call Center Management System

Call center Management system or Call Contact System is the link between the institution and its customers or clients and employees, used to send and receive requests and inquiries and communicate through many channels such as phone, text messages and e-mail, interaction between all parties is done using software and equipment dedicated to communication.

Thanks to the technological development, the equipment and software of the call center system has advanced, and it became cheaper and very easy to work with, with the possibilities of integrating traditional communication devices and applications with Internet applications, which is what is known as the Contact Center system.


Call center - Contact Center

Types of Call Center Systems

  • Inbound call center: It is designated to receive incoming calls from customers. It receives many calls and distributes them to the concerned persons. It is also possible to use automatic answering services and recorded voice services with the possibility of recording calls.
  • Outbound call center: It is dedicated to sending calls or calling customers.
  • Blended call center: combines incoming and outgoing calls, receiving and sending calls.
  • Contact center: It collects incoming and outgoing calls through a group of channels that are not limited to telephone services.


Benefits and features of the call center system:

  • Simplify and facilitate communication between the institution and its customers.
  • Upgrading and improving customer service and technical support.
  • Facilitate inquiring about services through automated response.
  •  Achieving customer satisfaction.
  • Earn the trust and loyalty of customers.
  • Improving the quality of communication by appointing specialists or directing communication to those concerned.
  • Establishing an integrated database of clients.
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration between the organization and employees.
  • Working from different places or working remotely.
  • Attracting potential customers and winning the new opportunity which means increasing sales.
  • Save time, cost and reduce effort.
  • Improving the institution and giving it an added value.


About using the call center system:

  • Customer service level increases by 80% (calls answered within 30 seconds).
  • Average answer speed = less than 30 seconds.
  • Abandonment rate = 5% or less
  • The rate of the agent’s understanding of the client’s needs is 84%
  • 49% of the opportunity is done over the phone.

Call Center System Features:

  • Phone numbers: a unified number, with internal and local numbers.
  • Call Recording.
  • Call management: Easily switch between incoming and outgoing calls
  • Call routing: direct incoming calls according to the organization’s departments and employees, and the caller’s number.
  • Show caller id.
  • Forwarding calls on holidays.
  • Share lines.
  • Live monitoring.
  • View and monitor communications in real time.
  • Link with SMS and email.
  • Connecting with the CRM system
  • Reports: Comprehensive reports for outgoing, incoming and missed calls, and employee reports.

To learn more about the Call Center system or to request a quotation for the Call Center system that is suitable for your organization, do not hesitate to contact us.


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