Legal Management System

Legal Management System

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نظام الشؤون القانونية


The Legal Department represents the basic foundation for the work of institutions in both the public and private sectors, and these institutions and their procedures are not upright except by its presence. Therefore, there must be a legal unit that includes qualified legal cadres and has the experience to conduct its business in a professional manner, with integrity and transparency, in order to achieve the objectives of the entity. It ensures that it carries out the tasks entrusted to it with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness.

Thus, the main pillar of the strength of the legal administration is to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness, and here technology plays an important role in uplifting the legal administration to advanced levels in which it is possible by automating all data, processes and procedures and provide all facilities for legal cadres and the use and benefit of data in a smart manner at all administrative levels and for these reasons Solutions Time Foundation launched the Legal Affairs Management System.

In fact, the legal affairs management system from Solutions Time represents a technological breakthrough that we are proud of by combining ease and pleasure of use.

And the features it offers, for example, working on all operating systems including the web, support for all international languages, customizability and development, integration with email and text messages, support for automated processes, work flow, scheduling, and web services

The legal management system from Solutions Time goes beyond the high ability to adapt to the organizational structure and control the powers and roles of sharing them at various levels and creates a collaborative environment as it adheres to cybersecurity standards.

Legal Management System Modules:

The legal management system from Solutions Time contains more than 16 modules.

The dashboard, the companies and contacts, claims, sessions, consultations, intellectual property, documents, contracts, invoices, working hours and services, task and activities management, e-mail and text messages, in addition to the graphic and detailed reports.

نظام الشؤون القانونية
ظام الشؤون القانونية

Benefits of the Legal Management System:

  •   A customized and appropriate system for the inputs and outputs of the institution.
  •   Appropriate to the nature of the work and hierarchy of the institution.
  •   An easy-to-develop and customizable system for future business requirements.
  •   Easy to use and learn system.
  •   A high-capacity and modern system.
  •   A high level of security and access.
  •   Represents a giant storage of data in an organized manner.
  •   Elegant and interesting interfaces.
  •   Can be accessed from anywhere and any device.
  •   Get infinite graphical and detailed reports.
  • Get a complete and clear view of what is going on in your organization or office.
  •   Provides detailed analytics to make quick, informed and accurate decisions.
  •   Simplify operations and automate routine tasks and automate difficult and repetitive tasks.
  •  Save time and effort, improve performance and productivity.
  •   It provides an interactive, collaborative, stimulating and refreshing environment…
  •   Automate all processes and procedures.
  •   Enhance and improve customer satisfaction and experience.

Legal Management System Features:

  • Simple user interface, easy to learn and operate.
  • Manage your entire business within one system.
  • Support all languages ​​and time zone.
  • Support all operating systems.
  • Plan and track work with unlimited projects.
  • Customize your dashboards.
  • Generate reports in seconds, visualize, analyze, and organize your data with valuable insights.
  • Send automatic, personal, text and email reminders.
  • File storage and document sharing.
  • An internal social network allows you to collaborate easier, faster and more efficiently.
  • Track the time employees spend on tasks.

For more information about the system do not hesitate to contact us.

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