Branch Connectivity

connecting branches together | types of linking techniques

Most facilities suffer from poor communication between employees in different branches and the exchange of data between them due to the difficulty of direct and flexible communication, which causes the facility to delay the completion of its tasks as scheduled, and most companies are forced to pay large sums of money periodically in order to facilitate communication and transfer of data between employees and their branches, and some establishments are forced to change the service provider from telecommunications companies or websites with expensive monthly sums in addition to changing their management system every now and then to facilitate communication and may underestimate the protection of its data in order to complete its tasks as required.

Zmn Alholol Corporation provides a service of linking branches in a distinctive way as we work to connect the main company with its branches, regardless of the number of their number, and whether they are local or international.

VPN Link branches Ste

The branch link service works on following up and monitoring the performance of all the branches’ devices from the parent company and following up on the performance of the employees. In addition, it can be linked to the fingerprint device to know the employees’ working hours and other wonderful features that enable the business owner to follow up the performance of the branches in an orderly and accurate manner, we provide the service of connecting branches via VPN which is characterized by its stability, furthermore, it is cheaper and better than a fixed IP service.


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