Month: October 2022

ديل dell

Dell Computer and Accessories Company

Dell Corporation is a multinational corporation founded in 1984 in the United States that specializes in the production, manufacture and sale of personal and desktop computers and their accessories. Dell Company developed during the eighties of the twentieth century to become the largest seller of computers, as it was later ranked second in computer sales […]

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Call center

Call Center Management System

Call center Management system or Call Contact System is the link between the institution and its customers or clients and employees, used to send and receive requests and inquiries and communicate through many channels such as phone, text messages and e-mail, interaction between all parties is done using software and equipment dedicated to communication. Thanks […]

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Branch Connectivity

connecting branches together | types of linking techniques

Most facilities suffer from poor communication between employees in different branches and the exchange of data between them due to the difficulty of direct and flexible communication, which causes the facility to delay the completion of its tasks as scheduled, and most companies are forced to pay large sums of money periodically in order to […]

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