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Business Management System

Terms and designations:

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Whether you are a consultant or running an independent business, a company or a government organization, private, large, or small that needs complete control and performance measurement, because it is not possible to advance in any organization without knowing its strengths and weaknesses, or to move forward without using and analyzing data, or to take care of customers without knowing every movement or transaction that took place with the customer.


BMC Business Management System, meets your needs. It’s a simple business management software that focuses on getting things done. It brings all your customer management, project management, document management, email, time tracking and tasks in one place with a beautiful and elegant interface.


The starting point for any BMC business management system is the mission and business objectives, usually outlined in the business plan. This plan also describes the key business areas and key result areas of the business.


Each major in the business area will contain a library of business modules, consisting of procedures, templates, checklists, and texts describing how to perform each of the tasks of that business area. Your system will be based on the policies, planning, and procedures in every part of your business that you and your employees will deliver on a daily basis.

Although the systems at this point describe how to do things, they don’t describe who should do it! The business management system should also describe the roles in the company. This differs from people actually employed, where some roles may be vacant, or people may have more than one role, with the expectation that others will be offered to help as the business grows. These roles are related to the tasks through which a position description can be created.

For every business management system, there should be criteria describing the strength of the system: for example, the languages ​​it supports, scalability, customizability, mobile support, web services support, integration, automated processes, email, text messaging in addition to the internal capabilities it offers the system.

Benefits of the Business Management System:

  • Get a complete and clear view of what is going on in your organization.
  • Provides detailed analytics to make quick, informed and accurate decisions.
  • Simplify operations and automate routine tasks and automate difficult and repetitive tasks.
  • Save time and effort and improve performance and productivity.
  • It provides an interactive, collaborative, stimulating and refreshing environment for…
  • Automate all processes and procedures.
  • Enhance and improve customer satisfaction and experience.
  • A customized and appropriate system for the inputs and outputs of the institution.
  • Appropriate to the nature of the work and hierarchy of the institution.
  • An easy-to-develop and customizable system for future business requirements.
  • Easy to use and learn system.
  • A modern and high-capacity system.
  • A high level of security and access.
  • Offers a huge storage of data in an organized manner.
  •   Elegant, interesting and tidy interfaces.
  •   Can be accessed from anywhere and any device.
  •   Get infinite graphical and detailed reports.

Business management system applications:

The BMS Business Management System contains more than 35 applications, and many additions, in addition to the ability to install third-party applications, and this is a great advantage.

Solutions Time BMS STE

Business Management System Features:

  • Simple user interface, easy to learn and operate.
  • Manage your entire business within one system.
  • Support all languages ​​and time zone.
  • Support all operating systems.
  • Plan and track work with unlimited projects.
  • Customize your dashboards.
  • Generate reports in seconds Visualize, analyze, and organize your data with valuable insights.
  • Seamlessly manage quotes, contacts and invoices.
  • Create and send invoices, offers and sales and purchase orders.
  • Send automatic, personal, text and email reminders.
  • File storage and document sharing.
  • Project and task management.
  • Gantt charts to keep your projects on track.
  • Track the time employees spend on tasks.
  • Collaborate on tasks, manage schedules.
  • Sync tasks and events with Google Calendar.
  • The ticketing system is robust to provide excellent customer support.
  • Track your complete sales process from anywhere with online BMS software
  • Sell ​​more through BMS system for CRM and sales team.
  • An internal social network allows you to collaborate easier, faster and more efficiently.
  • Get instant feedback, share ideas, create workgroups, engage your employees, edit multi-user online.

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